How to change the startup music in Ubuntu

The startup music can be easily changed in Ubuntu and all it needs are a few simple steps.

  • Go to System > Preferences > Sound.

  • The Sound Preferences window will be displayed. Here, you can assign different sounds for different system events.

Note: If the new sound selection does not work, then log out and log back in.

  • Audio Files:You can select any WAV files for different events. But if you want to use different formats like MP3 or OGG, then you need to convert them to WAV files.

    To do this you can use sox — Universal Sound Exchanger.

  • How to use sox:The sox package comes from the universe repository, but this repository is not enabled by default.

    As root, you will need to edit /etc/apt/sources.list and uncomment the two universe lines.

    Type the following command to edit the file

    sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

    Uncomment the two universal lines as shown.

    Also, update the repository cache by entering the following command at the terminal.

    sudo apt-get update

  • Install sox if it not already installedsudo apt-get install sox
  • Use sox to convert mp3 to wav files.sox file1.mp3 file2.wav

  • Test the file by typing the following command.
    play  file2.wav


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